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Talking To Spirit  
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be psychic? Did you know that everyone is born psychic? Some people are more aware of it than others. Think about the nudges of intuition everybody feels from time to time. This is you tuning into your own naturally psychic self. This can be developed.

How does a person become a dancer or a musician? They study and they practice. They develop the muscles they need to do the work. As you learn your craft or your field of study you also begin to be more confident. Without fear you can soar.

It is the same with developing your psychic awareness. You can take those psychic muscles and begin to expand your psychic awareness. A nice side effect of this is that you will be drawn to develop your spirituality too.

Do you regret not saying, "I love you" one last time to a loved one who died? Do you need a little help with the grieving process? Would it be a comfort for you to connect with your loved ones who have passed on? At least to know that when you think of them or when you talk to them you know in your heart they can hear you?

Is your relationship with Spirit something you do not think about? Is it pretty much one sided? When you pray does it seem like nobody is listening? Without too much effort you can begin the process of having a more satisfying relationship with God, your higher self, with a larger idea of Spirit. You call it what you want. I will show you a way.

Explore the world of being psychic at Talking To Spirit. It is my hope those who seek to learn how to channel or who need help with following a spiritual path or who want to feel a connection with a loved one who has died find inspiration and peace within these pages.

    Today's Psychic Channeling

I talk to dead people. I assure you it is not frightening. Folk in Spirit are always calm and sometimes can even be humorous. I see people in motion; someone brushing lint from their sleeve, shaking out an apron, adjusting a hat to a rakish angle. When I meet dead people in my dreams they are always whole and healthy. Emotions seem to stop with the last breath you take in your lifetime. It is like you become the bigger you leaving the things you were concerned with in that lifetime far behind.

I talk to animals who have passed on. In English. Interestingly, both humans and animals will communicate with a channel in the channel's native tongue.

I do not feel crowded when I talk to Spirit. It is not like that scene from "Ghost" where Whoppie Goldberg is surrounded by dead folk who slouch against the walls waiting their turn to talk to their loved ones. Everybody takes their turn in my world. There is no crowding and pushing. It wasn't always that way because I did feel overwhelmed in the beginning, but as I got accustomed to what I was doing and as time went by things settled down. Now, in 2017 as I am updating this information, 24 years after I began channeling, it is a part of my normal life.

Talking to Spirit is sprinkled with emails from readers with questions. The questions they ask and the answers I give are often thought provoking. My hope is that they will stir something in you. I talk about things that I have learned from the Guides that have made a difference for me personally. I figure I am run of the mill normal. If what they said helped me I figure it will help others too. That is why I talk about these things. Also, if I can in any way help to make the world a better place diminishing hate, prejudice, bigotry, injustice and narrow minded thinking I will give it my best shot.

This website contains a large amount of psychic channeled information. This information has come from a group I refer to as The Guides. Much of it is from Seth, but there is a lot from other Folk in Spirit who remain, even for me much of the time, anonymous. Suffice it to say the Spirit Group is large and fluid, members coming and going over time. But, Seth, my main guide, has remained throughout.

Why is it a person would want to spend time listening to somebody they can't even see? Face it, they are invisible. Also, they are dead. Come to think of it, the last time they were alive people were probably wearing togas, so you'd figure they might not be up on the latest trends of style, if that is what is important to you. In fact, there are Folk in Spirit who have always been spirit and have never incarnated.

I will tell you why these Folk in Spirit are worth listening to. It is because what these Spirit Guides say to me rings true. What they say is helpful and gives me and others hope. The things they say really make you think. These Spirit Guides have been a source of encouragement for me since February 12, 1993, when my planchette finally zoomed off the Ouija board I had been trying to get to work, without success, for the prior 6 months. And, by the way, the Spirit Guides do, truly, have a sense of style.

I have channeled Seth since 1993. He was the first Spirit Guide who came to teach me the ways of psychic channeling. After a year of speaking with him I began to slowly move out into a psychic realm of Spirit populated by a great number of Guides and Interesting Personalities to talk to.

I like to channel. I could easily be happy spending my days psychically channeling Folks in Spirit. It's sort of like being the microphone at a seminar or a lounge act. I get involved in that I'm right there, but I also try to stay out of the way of what is being said so I don't disrupt or skew it in any way. I've got to tell you that being a psychic channel at work has been very interesting. "Add that up again, please." So, they help me with the more mundane of tasks too, for which I've always been grateful.

I have been a psychic channel long enough to realize that there are some areas I will probably never be real clear about...just ask one of the Spirit Guides about dieting and you will get the really skewed version of Spiritual Dieting Techniques. But, from what people have said I think I can deliver a pretty clear rendition of what Spirit wants to talk about when it is something other than diets.

Being psychic does not necessarily make everything safe and wonderful for you It does not ensure you have a better life than someone who is not obviously psychic. What it does is give the psychic an opportunity to develop understanding of the hard things that happen to people. It encourages me to try to see what is going on in another person's life and then to give them an alternative to think about that might, just might eventually made their life a little easier.

These suggestions come from what I have learned from The Guides and from a dear friend who is a psychotherapist and very involved with spiritual growth. Thayer White's website is At the top of the page there are links for the 2 books he wrote: Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze and Be Your Own Therapist - Whoever You Hire Is Just Your Assistant.

Every night my dreams are peopled with Folk in Spirit playing one role or another. I know they are Folk in Spirit because before I began channeling my dreams were always me and one other person, a person intent upon doing me harm. Generally they were chasing me through 3 feet worth of mud. Now, I feel mostly safe in my dreams and there are always a crowd of people and animals in them. I am able to interact with my Dream Folk and on the occasions when I am lucid in the dreams am able to have a wonderful time. You can be lucid in your dreams too. And, you too can visit with loved ones who have passed and the animals who have passed through your life.

I learned to be more creative with the things I cook when I met my father-in-law. I used to follow Pete around the kitchen with a notepad writing down what it was he was doing. He did not work from recipes and the things he made were always wonderful. He has since passed on and it has been 40 years since he taught me the most important thing which was to have fun in the kitchen. But, as I cook these days my Folk in Spirit will make suggestions. Helpful ones that will always improve the taste of what we will eventually be eating. I have not ever known them to steer me wrong. Maybe he is there occasionally to make a suggestion. I really do not know who these Folk in Spirit are. I even once wrote in a blog called Spirited Recipes. It is still out there and if the Spirit moves me I might add to it. However, there are a number of recipes I've written down that had help from Folk in Spirit.

If you want these things for yourself you can have them. My feeling is that everyone is psychic. Granted, in some people it is more evident than in others, but everybody has the ability to begin to trust their gut instincts more often. Everybody has the ability to believe in Spirit.

I enjoy teaching them how to do these things on their own. Visit my Learn to Channel pages here at Talking to Spirit and my Learn to Channel Blog.

So, with no further ado, I will turn the microphone over to Seth, who will talk in Blue for awhile...There, and so we begin. First of all, I would like to say I really don't have an axe to grind, an agenda, if you will. We, the Folk in Spirit, Pauline speaks of, are here to support you. You do not need to come to this particular place, this one website in time, to take advantage of that support. We have always been there for each and every one of you. We will always be there for each and every one of you. And, that support will not end with your current incarnations on this plane of existence.

However you personally deal with the issue of God or Spirit is your business. We support you in your attempts or non attempts to widen your spiritual base of understanding. We are but tools to be utilized, not in any way to ever be idolized. And, with that said we would also thank our Channel for her efforts in this venture. Our blessings to all of you. We look forward to speaking here of many subjects for a long time to come. Again, our blessings.

I know, personally, what it feels like to wonder if God hears me. In my heart now I know that he/she does. I think the most valuable thing anybody could come away from this website with would be the glimmer of an idea planted in their heart that maybe God can hear them when they pray too. And, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of God listening in on what you do, picture your Aunt Millie who passed on when you were nine years old. Just the thought that you can say hi to somebody you love who's passed on can make the vice grip grief has about your heart ease up a little. At least, that's what I hope might happen.

The advice The Guides give has always been very down to earth. It's do-able. It's actually the same advice you would, more than likely, get from your mother, but because it is coming from somebody who you think does not know you personally, well, people tend to sit up and pay attention. And, if your mother knew some disembodied, long dead spirit was telling you the same things she has been telling you for years, why, I think she'd approve.

I've been channeling since 1993. What can I say about my life now compared to how I was then? I a calmer. I am certainly a lot happier. There is a clarity in my life that I did not seem to have before. And, most importantly, I feel like I have something of value to contribute. That contribution takes the form of sharing with you the peace I have come to know.

I think most people want an assurance that the future will be rosy and bright. Over the years I have come to rely on the idea if I trust that whatever happens to me is happening because my higher self has decided it is the best route for me to learn my life lessons I find myself in a position to take advantage of another learning opportunity. Not always, but that is what I try to do.

People wonder if they are doing the right thing. Yes, you are on the right track. It might have been quicker had you done x, y or z, but you are still going to get there. They say life is full of detours. I once thought that meant the liklihood of me getting lost and turned around was pretty good. What I have come to learn is that those detours are important. You are learning whichever way you go. With your eyes on your goal you will eventually attain it.

Life doesn't have to be serious every minute of the day and the guides have shown me they have a terrific sense of humor. So has my husband, Dennis, of many years (we were married in do the math!) and I thank him for putting up with me as I developed and have grown as a channel.

What I want to do with this website is to teach, to entertain, to calm and to inspire those who come to visit.

Your comments are welcome. Click to email me at

Thanks for visiting!


Pauline Evanosky

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